Mimo Baby Monitor

For all new mums in this world who are stressed and worried of their baby’s well being! These organic cotton kimonos are fitted with non contact sensors to monitor your baby’s respiration, skin temperature, position and activity level… The little turtle is actually a full computer manufactured by Intel which is responsible of the monitoring. You can easily unplug it and wash the kimono which is totally washing machine resistant. All the data recorded are sent to the base via safe Bluetooth low energy and results and informations are shown on your mobile app. The base, also called Lilypad, connect the turtle to your Wifi’s network and got a microphone which give you the ability to stream your baby’s sounds in real time on your smartphone! You can also set alarms to get notified of a change in your baby’s situation. Another feature permit to follow analytics of your baby’s sleeps over time. What a great tool to help mum and dad having a better understanding of their infant and react appropriately to any changes in their well being. Good as well for Mommy Brain 😉 This kimonos are sold through Baby’R’Us but also available to order through the link below. App is available on both Android and IOS.
Price : US$199 + delivery for a starter kit of 3 kimonos, one turtle and a base Lylipad. Mobile app is included. Sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months.
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