Glass Pool Table G1

More stylish than connected, this Glass Pool Table G1 from Elite innovations is manufactured in Australia and will fit perfectly a high tech modern and contemporary house! Made of a transparent playing area with a glass top and patented resin playing surface which gives resistance to the balls, just like cloth does. The surface creates a stunning ‘floating on air’ effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly. The ball return mechanism is also well integrated to the table and very much stylish.
The Glass Pool Table G1 seems to be a high quality glass and general materials but I heard that it’s absolutely necessary to order a set of special balls otherwise you will have scratch all over the glass!!
Pool are produced in around 16 weeks and shipping overseas is generally a week long.
Price: a few websites are talking somewhere between US$25000 and US$30000 but on their own website they are displaying a range from US$42000 to US$550000.
Here’s the link to get a quote and order from their website: Glass Pool Table G1