Google Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio : The music you want when you want it launched from your phone!

After already many years enjoying the Google Chromecast, I discovered the Chromecast Audio. And now, on top of casting videos on my TV, I can cast my music, radio or podcasts on my sound system easily for just a few dollars.
Chromecast Audio is a small device with a vinyl record look that plugs into your speaker through Jack, RCA or Optical cable and stream music through WiFi.
The puck has just two ports and is delivered with a cable to plug into each. The first is a hybrid 3.5mm/optical port and it’s coming with a 5-inch yellow 3.5mm analog cable. The other port is a Micro-USB power port, and a compatible cable and power adapter are furnished. You can also plug the USB straight to your system.
Once set up, simply use your device to cat your music with the touch of a button. It’s compatible with IOS or Android, Mac and Windows.
Search, play, pause, queue songs and change the volume right from your phone to anywhere in the house.
The Chromecast Audio is the best way to enable multiroom music in your house. It will give you the highest quality sound, play it without disruption, even if you get a phone call or a notification and control the music from anywhere within your WiFi network. All of these without consuming extra phone battery!!
Here’s the apps compatible with the Chromecast Audio:
Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Google Play Music, DS Audio (which streams home music collections from Synology servers), NPR One, Rocket Player, TuneIn, Deezer, Plex, Rhapsody and many more… Apple Music and Amazon Music ar not currently supported by Chromecast Audio. However, there is a workaround for these ones: the Chrome browser (on Windows and Mac machines) and the Chromecast app on Android.

More info from their website:

Price : $35.

Chromecast audio

Apple CarPlay

Let me introduce to you the Apple Carplay, the new platform which connect your smartphone to your car. You will then find out that your entire smartphone and apps are displayed on your car’s screen. You can access your maps, make calls, send messages and listen to your own music in a easy way so you can keep focused on your road. Just plug your IPhone and go.
Apple Carplay can be controlled by voice (within Siri), a touch or a twist (using your car display).
Apps are reinvented for the special use of them with the Carplay like Spotify, Podcasts…
Lots of constructors have already signed partnership to linked their cars to Apple technology like Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Mazda, Subaru and many more… But also Sound system companies like Pioneer and Alpine will be compatible with this new technology.
Actually lots of them have decided to get a partnership with both Apple and Samsung (Android Auto) to leave the car owners the choice in their devices.
You’ll need to have at least an IPhone 5 with the IOS 7.1 to get it working.
Price : N/A.
More informations on the Apple website : Apple Carplay