Apple CarPlay

Let me introduce to you the Apple Carplay, the new platform which connect your smartphone to your car. You will then find out that your entire smartphone and apps are displayed on your car’s screen. You can access your maps, make calls, send messages and listen to your own music in a easy way so you can keep focused on your road. Just plug your IPhone and go.
Apple Carplay can be controlled by voice (within Siri), a touch or a twist (using your car display).
Apps are reinvented for the special use of them with the Carplay like Spotify, Podcasts…
Lots of constructors have already signed partnership to linked their cars to Apple technology like Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Mazda, Subaru and many more… But also Sound system companies like Pioneer and Alpine will be compatible with this new technology.
Actually lots of them have decided to get a partnership with both Apple and Samsung (Android Auto) to leave the car owners the choice in their devices.
You’ll need to have at least an IPhone 5 with the IOS 7.1 to get it working.
Price : N/A.
More informations on the Apple website : Apple Carplay