Luminous carpet

Philips has invented the luminous carpet incrusted with LEDs. They signed a partnership with Desso to produce this awesome carpet which can display messages, information or directions… A nice way to communicate and orientate people in big spaces as airports, hotels, hospitals, cinemas… It can indicates a path to follow to other rooms or to security exit, change atmosphere with light and colours or display information when it’s useful! Also guide you to your seat in a plane or to exit as well! Maybe one day in our homes for deco or entertainment!
Price: on demand on their website.
More informations around it here : Luminous Carpet

Remote Controlled Pool Lights

Remote Controlled Pool Lights  Remote Controlled Pool Lights
The Hammacher company brings to life these very cool remote controlled pool lights! No more need to play with electricity around the pool, these pool lights are functioning with 3 AA batteries and provide 60-80 hours of light! Perfect if your pool hasn’t got any wires… Or if you want to replace them by wireless lights and control them from your small remote! A first click on the remote activates 5 LEDs, producing a nice glow; a second click lights all 13 long-lasting white LEDs, providing a strong lighting for a safe night swim. Easy to install in pools with steel walls or vinyl up to 2/100” thick, these waterproof lights can be positioned anywhere on a pool’s wall and fixed with strong magnets. The lights can also float on the water’s surface or can be affixed to any flat ferrous metal surface.
Sell as a set of 2 lights of 5 3/8″ of diameter.
Price: US$49.95.
Order it now from their website : Remote Controlled Pool Lights

Samsung LED Mirror TV

The company Hidden Televisions propose Samsung LED Mirror TV with different sizes and frames to transform your TV in a mirror when it’s not on! Your TV is then becoming a real peace of functional art in your room! The frames are really thin with a depth of only 2″ and they are available in a huge variety to suit perfectly your house style. They are hand crafted and manufactured with high quality mirror. TV are available on both high quality 2D or 3D! A definitively good way to hide your TV in your decor…
Installation is easy and similar to any flat screen TV. Sizes from 35 to 76″.
Price: from US$4299 till US$12999.
Choose your size and frame and order it right now here: Samsung LED Mirror TV


Here’s the future desk lamp signed by RIMA. All LED based, you can turn on and off all LEDs as you want for more or less brightness and also to target where do you want it!! Looks fabulous…
Price on request on their website: Lamp RIMA Website