Sun Protector Bracelet June

This new bracelet measures your exposure to sun during the day and it communicates with your Iphone.
You will then receive real-time advice on how to protect yourself.
June suggests the most appropriate sun cream for your skin, taking into account the current UV levels. It reminds you when to put your hat and sunglasses on, and when to move into the shade…
You will know exactly when and how to protect yourself to prevent sunburn and premature aging of your skin.
The Sun Protector Bracelet June has a beautiful design which looks like a diamond and reflects sun’s rays.
June is available in 3 colors: platinum, gold and gunmetal.
You can also choose to wear it on leather or on premium silicon wrapband.
Only compatible with IOS for now.
Price : US$99 (free delivery)
Order it here : Sun Protector Bracelet June Platinum
Sun Protector Bracelet June Gold
Sun Protector Bracelet June Gunmetal