Tomtom Golfer Watch


This is the new GPS watch specially designed for golfers! The Tomtom Golfer watch will help you know every part of the green and give you precise distances of front, center and back of the green as well as distances to hazards along the fairway. It also display a graphic of green and hazards before your shot.
This watch will keep track of your score, distance travelled/calories and time of your game.
Tomtom Golfer watch is waterproof so you can still play under the rain.
It contains over 34000 courses over the world and receive regular updates. Moreover, it will point you the courses nearby!!
The battery can last up to 10 hours with GPS activated.
Its screen is 22*25mm and its weight 53 grams.
Price : US$237 + free delivery.
Order it here from Amazon : Order your Tomtom Golfer Watch