Tomtom Golfer Watch


This is the new GPS watch specially designed for golfers! The Tomtom Golfer watch will help you know every part of the green and give you precise distances of front, center and back of the green as well as distances to hazards along the fairway. It also display a graphic of green and hazards before your shot.
This watch will keep track of your score, distance travelled/calories and time of your game.
Tomtom Golfer watch is waterproof so you can still play under the rain.
It contains over 34000 courses over the world and receive regular updates. Moreover, it will point you the courses nearby!!
The battery can last up to 10 hours with GPS activated.
Its screen is 22*25mm and its weight 53 grams.
Price : US$237 + free delivery.
Order it here from Amazon : Order your Tomtom Golfer Watch

Helmet Skully AR1

The helmet of the future!! This helmet is a revolution and one of the top 10 invention of 2014!! It connects your smartphone via Bluetooth, got a rear HD camera wide angle who shows you what’s happening behind you on a little screen on your visor. It’s kind of the same technology than the Google Glass… You will also receive on your visor GPS indications, your speed. The helmet is also compatible with all the voice recognition technology as Siri, Google Now, Cortana to control your smartphone so as you can listen to your music or take calls while driving! Another awesome tool is that you can change your visor’s tint… How secure and comfortable this is! All these technologies means naturally a high price : you can pre-order the Helmet Skully AR1 for US$1399. Delivery to be made in May 2015.
This invention has been fundraised in 24 hours on Indiegogo… Definitively the good catch!
Price: start at US$1399.
Pre-order it now here : Skully website

Lechal Smart Shoes

Lechal Smart Shoes are coming on the market in September!! This company from India is going to revolutionise the world with this new connected pair of shoes… First of all that will for sure count your footsteps and be the perfect fitness assistant giving you the calories burnt, your distance and a bunch of other information on your workout. Including a GPS, they will be use at the new way to navigate!! Instead of keeping an eye all the time on your smartphone, you could be able to look in front of you and enjoy the countryside as these choose will alert you to turn right or left by vibrating the relevant shoe… Amazing no??!! Can’t wait to have the finals specs on this new gadget!! Good also to see India coming out with a great idea like this one. The synchronization with your smartphone is made by Bluetooth. This article is also an fantastic tool for every people who got visual impairments!
Insoles are also available to bring the technology in your own shoes 😉
For those who are interested to be the first to get them, you can pre-order them from their website : Lechal Smart Shoes.
Price: around US$135.