Kensington EVAP Rescue Pocket

If your smartphone, mobile phone or any other small electronic device has fallen in water or snow, it’s about time to take action and save it by using this rescue pocket for electronic devices 😉
You, then, only have to glide your smartphone inside this rescue pocket and wait until the drying process is finished. Its dehumidifier is 700% more efficient than rice!
This dehumidifier take away all humidity currently presents on the fragile electronic components and stop the smartphones from being damaged. The Kensington EVAP Rescue Pocket will even inform them when your smartphones are definitively dry and ready to be used again!
Some studies have shown that 2/3 of people are facing one day this kind of problem of wet smartphone so you will all have to use this incredible rescue pocket which will absorb all the humidity from their smartphones or other small electronic devices.
For optimum results, leave your items between 6 and 24 hours in the pocket and simply wait until the humidity light informs you that your smartphone is dry and ready to go again!
Price : US$16.06 + delivery (a few dollars or free if the order’s amount is going over 35 dollars).
Order it here soon : Kensington EVAP Rescue Pocket on Amazon