Sens Floor

Sens Floor  Sens Floor
The 32 sensors and 4 radio modules per scare meters of this underlay off 2mm thick made the Sens Floor, the universal sensitive mat. The deep data analysis can recognize if a person is standing or lying, or if she’s moving. Moreover, to improve security functions reliability, this sensitive floor process static estimations and can test himself.
When the sensors detect someone, they turn on a light, open a door, alert from intrusion. Installed in hospitals’ bedrooms, they will inform nurses by an alarm that a patient as left his bed or his room so as they can step in in case of falling or roving.
Furthermore, associated with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifier) in access control installations, the Sens Floor offer also the ability to count people (or visitors).
The Sens Floor can be installed under lots of differents fabrics including carpets…
Price: on demand on their website.
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