Tesla Battery Swap

Tesla Battery Swap : Full charge in 90-180 secs – Faster than filling up with gas right !

Tesla is at the forefront of technology when it comes to electric cars. They have just released their latest evolution, the ‘Tesla battery swap’ for the ‘Model S’ to make life easier for Tesla owners. Up until now Tesla owners needed to either purchase their own power pack for recharging the battery or they are able to recharge at one of the many recharge Tesla Stations for free as well as at the factory. However it takes between 20-60 mins to recharge therefore can very much be an inconvenience even if the number of Supercharger are growing fast worldwide to reach today 1800 stations.

Tesla now offer the ‘Tesla battery swap’ of which has a price tag of $50-$60US but saving you valuable time by exchanging your battery for a fully charged battery in 1.5 – 3 minutes! Not bad Tesla, Less than the time it takes to refill a gas tank.

Tesla have been teasing the market with this technology for over a year now so it is great to see it finally coming to fruition.

Looking at reports it seems Tesla are doing well overall but of course there are some downsides and criticism also. High Tech Gadgets are excited to see what is coming next in the way of electric cars. Whilst holidaying through America we were lucky enough to visit the Tesla factory. It was great to see and although there are a few things to iron out still, I think they have developed a great car. We talked to a few Tesla owners whilst they where ‘powering up’.. they where in love with their cars and found them to be a good investment. The cars themselves are stylish, sexy yet sporty all at the same time. Very impressed.

Price: $50-60US.

http://www.teslamotors.com/batteryswap for more information from Tesla
See also our presentation of the model S : http://www.gadgetshightech.com/blog/tesla_electric_car/
tesla battery swap

Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer

This is a cute and fun photo printer for smartphones which uses the sublimation technology.
With silver printing, custom stickers, UV resistance and fingerprints as well as economic consumables,
Pringo allows you to keep the best moments of your life.
Unlike other brands, Pringo is compatible with both Apple & Android systems, which allows all smartphones to connect Pringo. The application also features basic photo editing, effects, and borders for enhancing your images before sending them to print.
Each print features a resolution of 290 dpi and is created in approximately 65 seconds. This is all possible due to the power from a rechargeable 550mAh lithium-polymer battery.
The Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer also includes a battery charger, a 10-pack of paper, and a dye ribbon ready for printing.
Price : US$149.
Order on Amazon now in white here : Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer White
Or pink here : Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer Pink

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing MachineBike Washing Machine
Presenting here a new concept from Yanko Design : the Bike Washing Machine! A bike-powered washing machine! It’s not a new idea but this one goes a bit further and the design is looking great. A battery collects the power you produced during your workout and apparently 20 min biking will be enough for a cold cycle. Another good idea to save power but will it meet the success expected? How the water will be distributed and evacuated. No information on this. Looks really fun though. Wait and see what’s happen in the near future!
Price: N/A yet.

StoreDot Flash Battery

The new StoreDot Flash Battery is a battery which fully charged your phone in 30sec!! If we can’t produce longer-life battery, this company has taken the problem by the other end and charge your mobile in 30sec… Maybe in every by 2016!
More details here on : SoteDot Flash Battery

Tesla Electric Car

Here is the car of the future!!!
To start a series of dedicated articles on the Paris International Car Show, I wanted to show you first my favourite car full of new technologies : The Tesla Electric Car!!
Seriously been mind blowed by the technology and the performance of this fully electric car when we went to visit the factory a few months ago in San Francisco!! Everything in it is revolutionary, from the number of miles driven on the battery to the touch screen of the console, all parts are incredible…
On the driver’s seat, you’ll find stylish interior surfaces and panoramic glass. The dashboard is made of a touchscreen, providing access to information and entertainment while on the go.

Price start at $63570 US. But no fuel cost under if you drive less than 200 miles between each charge! Tesla also installed superchargers all over the country in US for free use and maintenance of the car is also included…
More informations: Model S info and order

The new model X has been unveiled in 2012 and the first deliveries will arrive in 2015!!
This model is more a “berline” than the model S but the new doors “Falcon Wings” give a really stylish look to it. Anyway, they’re functional first. They open up and out of the way, in even the narrowest of parking spots. You can then easily step and not climb into Model X.
No pricing available yet but more informations here: Model X info and reserve

All models are coming with a 60 or a 85kWh, choice is yours.