4Moms Origami Pushchair

Hey girls! Check out this incredible self-folding pushchair!! All what you always wanted to make your mum’s life easier…
This pushchair opens and closes with only a push on a button, awesome, aye??!! Making it passed from these open dimensions 41″L x 28″W x 39″H to the closed ones 38″L x 14″W x 21″H making it nearly twice smaller in width and height. This powered self-folding pushchair is also very safe due to their embedded system which refuse to fold the product if the seat is not empty! Just to make sure that baby won’t be reduced into a dolly 😉
The company have been clever enough to add some luggage wheels so as not only the stroller gets much reduced in size but it also can be pulled like a perfect luggage. All these advantages make it so much more easier to store and transport your stroller.
Generators are situated on the rear wheels to charge your trolley and eventually plugged in your smartphone for a power boost while you’re walking baby. Handy as! A full charge of the trolley will last a good 2 weeks. You can also plug it to the wall for faster and stronger charge.
This stroller is displaying 2 daytime running lights to make sure the pushchair and baby are well saw by everybody. It also includes path lights underneath which turn on automatically on low-light conditions.
The LCD screen indicates you the temperature, the length of your trip, your speed and the number of steps you made. Ideal to keep you fit and bounce back faster on your normal weight helping you stay focused.
The 4Moms Origami Pushchair can count as well on numerous storage including cup holders for parents and kid, some pockets and a big removable bag, perfect to carry all the necessities and the few groceries bought on the way…
For a better look and to suit your taste, 5 different colours are available for the mattress, just to be a bit more fancy and get attention from all the people around 😉
It goes for babies up to 18 kgs.
Price : 850US$ + free delivery around US.
More information on their website : https://www.4moms.com/origami.

GadgetsHighTech is getting in touch with this company to see if we can help you received it outside of US by becoming a reseller. We will let you know if we can get it to your door anytime soon 😉


Mimo Baby Monitor

For all new mums in this world who are stressed and worried of their baby’s well being! These organic cotton kimonos are fitted with non contact sensors to monitor your baby’s respiration, skin temperature, position and activity level… The little turtle is actually a full computer manufactured by Intel which is responsible of the monitoring. You can easily unplug it and wash the kimono which is totally washing machine resistant. All the data recorded are sent to the base via safe Bluetooth low energy and results and informations are shown on your mobile app. The base, also called Lilypad, connect the turtle to your Wifi’s network and got a microphone which give you the ability to stream your baby’s sounds in real time on your smartphone! You can also set alarms to get notified of a change in your baby’s situation. Another feature permit to follow analytics of your baby’s sleeps over time. What a great tool to help mum and dad having a better understanding of their infant and react appropriately to any changes in their well being. Good as well for Mommy Brain 😉 This kimonos are sold through Baby’R’Us but also available to order through the link below. App is available on both Android and IOS.
Price : US$199 + delivery for a starter kit of 3 kimonos, one turtle and a base Lylipad. Mobile app is included. Sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months.
Order on Amazon : Mimo Baby Monitor