Helmet Skully AR1

The helmet of the future!! This helmet is a revolution and one of the top 10 invention of 2014!! It connects your smartphone via Bluetooth, got a rear HD camera wide angle who shows you what’s happening behind you on a little screen on your visor. It’s kind of the same technology than the Google Glass… You will also receive on your visor GPS indications, your speed. The helmet is also compatible with all the voice recognition technology as Siri, Google Now, Cortana to control your smartphone so as you can listen to your music or take calls while driving! Another awesome tool is that you can change your visor’s tint… How secure and comfortable this is! All these technologies means naturally a high price : you can pre-order the Helmet Skully AR1 for US$1399. Delivery to be made in May 2015.
This invention has been fundraised in 24 hours on Indiegogo… Definitively the good catch!
Price: start at US$1399.
Pre-order it now here : Skully website