Brookstone Perfect Drink

The Brookstone Perfect drink App-controlled Smart Bartending!

Such a long time since my last gadget display! So it’s about time to get ready for your summer cocktail parties with this incredible smart bartending!
What a cool gadget to get the perfect cocktail! The extremely reliable and reactive scale is directly connected to your phone/tablet. A free app is controlling and displaying the recipe as well as showing you a virtual glass being filled up in real time. Thanks to this very accurate scale, you won’t over pour and get the perfect mix of each ingredient. And even if you over pour, the scale will re-calculate the new measures to still get this perfect drink! Isn’t it brilliant 😉
This gadget is now compatible with both IOS5.1+ and Android 4.1+ phones/tablets and the app is free on both store.
You’ve got access to hundreds of recipes and the app also suggests what cocktail you can get according to the ingredients you’ve got!! You can even create your own recipes as well as saving variations of well known ones! More cocktails are added constantly to the app.
All you have to do then is choose your recipe and follow real-time pouring instructions. Along the way, you’ll watch a virtual glass fills on your device. That way, you know exactly how much to pour and when to stop for perfect drinks, every time.
The scale allows you to use any glass, the included shaker or even a party pitcher. Just place the recipient on the scale and it automatically sets itself to zero so you’re ready to pour.
The box includes a smart scale, a 750ml stainless steel shaker, a 3.5mm cable and a device stand.
The Brookstone Perfect Drink App-controlled Smart Bartending will turn bartending beginners into master mixologists!

Price : $69.99 in US with free delivery.

This gadget was only available in US but is in the process of importing them for you in Europe and Australia/New Zealand!
If you’re interested in the product, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote at and I’ll provide you a total price including shipping and taxes.