Lechal Smart Shoes

Lechal Smart Shoes are coming on the market in September!! This company from India is going to revolutionise the world with this new connected pair of shoes… First of all that will for sure count your footsteps and be the perfect fitness assistant giving you the calories burnt, your distance and a bunch of other information on your workout. Including a GPS, they will be use at the new way to navigate!! Instead of keeping an eye all the time on your smartphone, you could be able to look in front of you and enjoy the countryside as these choose will alert you to turn right or left by vibrating the relevant shoe… Amazing no??!! Can’t wait to have the finals specs on this new gadget!! Good also to see India coming out with a great idea like this one. The synchronization with your smartphone is made by Bluetooth. This article is also an fantastic tool for every people who got visual impairments!
Insoles are also available to bring the technology in your own shoes 😉
For those who are interested to be the first to get them, you can pre-order them from their website : Lechal Smart Shoes.
Price: around US$135.

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