Intel Smart Charging Bowl

How cool is that!! A charging bowl where you could through any devices in and they will get out charged… No cords, no plugs and sockets!! Just drop your high tech devices in the bowl and “voila”, after a little while they will be fully charged!! For the moment, this bowl is a prototype shown at Intel CES 2014 and is only compatible with the latest Intel smart devices but working on implementing the technology to give you the ability to charge your smartphone, smart watch, tablet, fitbit, smart earbuds or headset of whatever brand… That’s truly a revolution based on magnetic resonance technology from the A4WP innovations!! This Intel Smart Charging Bowl will be 10 inches diameter approximatively.
For now, Intel hasn’t released details on pricing or availability, but we will give you these informations as soon as we have them.
Who want one???
Price: N/A

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