Electronic lock Master Lock e-One

The electronic lock Master Lock e-One is the first which doesn’t need keys or numbers to remember?
E-One is also the first combination lock, easy to use and design which open by movements (up, down, left, right)! This unique exclusive technology, offers faster and easier ways to lock it as well as it’s safer. The custom combination has from 4 to 12 positions (1 position = 1 directional movement or 1 number or 1 letter).
He is made of zinc, and the handle is in boron alloy ultra-resistant and an electronic lock system which received the Grand Prix of innovation 2013 of LSA trophies.
E-One is ideal to lock compartment, back bags, sport bags… You can also set up 3 “invited” combinations to share the lock utility. This product is manufactured by the number 1 in locks!
Price: 34.90 euros.
Here’s a list of resellers to buy it from : Electronic Lock Master Lock e-One

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