Dakri Smart Helmet

This helmet is entering the augmented reality market! The Daqri Smart Helmet wants to make life easier for onsite engineers, construction workers, and technicians providing an Android hard hat with an array of sensors. The Daqri Smart Helmet allows workers to follow work instructions and augment data or information right on top of the actual work environment.
Its 4D interface enables workers to see content and touch/control the interface through integration with third party devices, such as a smartwatch. The device features an industrial-grade inertial measurement unit, a high resolution 3D depth camera, and 360° navigation cameras. It also supports HD video recording, mapping, and alpha numeric capture, which means the Smart Helmet will be able to read and understand instrument data.
Augmenting security, efficiency and much more with this new awesome tool for onsite builders and engineers…
Price : N/A yet
More details here: Informations on Dakri Smart Helmet

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