Hexo+ : The french self controlled drone who will stick like a leech!

Go the frenchies ! Squadrone Systems, a company from Grenoble has created a drone which will change the domain of these flying devices, as well as the on-board camera market. Name of the device : Hexo+.
If you are a thrill seeker wanting to record all your sport achievements and fun times, you are certainly used to have an on-board camera placed on your helmet, your bike’s handlebar or even your skateboard. Well now, with the Hexo+ drone, your life will suddenly become easier.
Thanks to this little french drone, you won’t worry anymore about the position of your camera or about the shooting and filming technics as this device is self controlled and will follow you everywhere by itself!
Made up of six helices and capable to fly up to 70Km/h for about 15 minutes, it also contains a GoPro camera and don’t require any pilot to take off and fly around; to enjoy this amazing feature, you will have to jump on its dedicated application available on both Android and IOS and set up the distance from where you want the Hexo+ drone to film you as well as the angle given on the Go Pro to shoot you from the best perspective. The device will then keep track and follow your smartphone everywhere thanks to its embedded GPS tracker so make sure that you will naturally keep your cellphone in your pockets, hands or anywhere else on your body.
This revolution has already convinced and captivated thousands of people on the internet! In fact, the Hexo+ has been introduced to the world through a Kickstarter campain and has collected over 50 000$ in no more than 37 minutes and finished with nothing less than 1,3 million dollars to help launching and manufacturing it.
More info from their website: www.hexoplus.com

Price for this Hexo+ self controlled drone: $1349.

hexo +

Google Fit

Google has released a few days ago its new app called Google Fit which help you track your physical activity and keep a look on your fitness.
Google Fit is a single set of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Lots of important companies on the fitness market have already join it like Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar.
Like Apple’s HealthKit and Samsung’s S Health before it, Google Fit aims to help you lead a healthier life by keeping track of your activity and other health metrics.
There’s a Web version of Google Fit, which missing on Apple’s iPhone-only system. That means you can record fitness data on your Android smartphone or smartwatch, and then review it on a desktop or tablet—a scenario Apple doesn’t currently allow.
The application was launched to the public on October 28, 2014, and is available to all Android users running 4.0 or above. It does sync with Android Wear devices, which are much more reliable when it comes to tracking users activity.
The app pulls data from your smartwatch to populate its own graphs and give you a better idea of how much exercise you’ve had today. For now, Google Fit only tracks running, walking, and bicycling as activities, but it can monitor your heart rate from your Android Wear watch.
Much more functionalities to come around health and exercise make the app really promising.
Click here to download : Download Google Fit

Tomtom Golfer Watch


This is the new GPS watch specially designed for golfers! The Tomtom Golfer watch will help you know every part of the green and give you precise distances of front, center and back of the green as well as distances to hazards along the fairway. It also display a graphic of green and hazards before your shot.
This watch will keep track of your score, distance travelled/calories and time of your game.
Tomtom Golfer watch is waterproof so you can still play under the rain.
It contains over 34000 courses over the world and receive regular updates. Moreover, it will point you the courses nearby!!
The battery can last up to 10 hours with GPS activated.
Its screen is 22*25mm and its weight 53 grams.
Price : US$237 + free delivery.
Order it here from Amazon : Order your Tomtom Golfer Watch

Electric Bike Matra E Bike

Electric Bike Matra E Bike
Here it is, the mountain bike for lazys!! This electric mountain bike is comfortable and its autonomy goes around 110kms depending the biker’s weight and the assistance given.
Its aluminium frame, hydraulic brakes and its 4 assistance modes, this bike will help you get around and enjoy the nature even if you’re not very fit.
Exists in 24 and 26 inches, grey or blue.
Price is : US$ 2830.
More details here : Details on the Electric Bike Matra E Bike
Find a list of resellers here : Resellers location

Glass Pool Table G1

More stylish than connected, this Glass Pool Table G1 from Elite innovations is manufactured in Australia and will fit perfectly a high tech modern and contemporary house! Made of a transparent playing area with a glass top and patented resin playing surface which gives resistance to the balls, just like cloth does. The surface creates a stunning ‘floating on air’ effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly. The ball return mechanism is also well integrated to the table and very much stylish.
The Glass Pool Table G1 seems to be a high quality glass and general materials but I heard that it’s absolutely necessary to order a set of special balls otherwise you will have scratch all over the glass!!
Pool are produced in around 16 weeks and shipping overseas is generally a week long.
Price: a few websites are talking somewhere between US$25000 and US$30000 but on their own website they are displaying a range from US$42000 to US$550000.
Here’s the link to get a quote and order from their website: Glass Pool Table G1

AirDog Auto follow drone

The catch of the day! Check this out! It’s pretty awesome 😉
AirDog company have just fund-raised 1.3 millions dollars as they were targeting 200 000!! And they created the AirDog auto follow Drone capable to follow you everywhere and video you with your Go Pro in many situations.
AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts.
How it works? It autonomously follows you by tracking your position via receiving signal from AirLeash. The AirLeash is a small waterproof computerized tracker with clever software and sensors inside. It sends signals to the AirDog via Bluetooth (up to 300m), indicating exact movement trajectory. It will have multiple attachment opportunities (helmet, snow-googles, wrist, bike handle-bar, etc).
AirDog is Fully autonomous from take-off to landing. No remote control skills required. It also have a gyroscope and clever stabilized gimbal that will always point camera towards you and eliminate shaky footage.
The AirDog Auto follow drone got 6 preset modes with different views and angles for professional recording as you got your personal camera man!! The associated application (Android & IOS compatible) does allow users to set the distance, height and angle of the flying camera. Users can also use the app to create custom flight paths.
Price: US$1295 pre-order. Otherwise: US$1495.
Pre-order it here : AirDog Auto follow drone

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing MachineBike Washing Machine
Presenting here a new concept from Yanko Design : the Bike Washing Machine! A bike-powered washing machine! It’s not a new idea but this one goes a bit further and the design is looking great. A battery collects the power you produced during your workout and apparently 20 min biking will be enough for a cold cycle. Another good idea to save power but will it meet the success expected? How the water will be distributed and evacuated. No information on this. Looks really fun though. Wait and see what’s happen in the near future!
Price: N/A yet.

Intel Smart Earbuds

Intel smart earbuds Intel smart earbuds
Recently at Intel CES 2014, Intel has announced new smart ear buds containing sensors which monitor your heart rate! Associated to a companion app, you can set a target heart rate for your workouts, and automatically select appropriate music tracks (fast, slow…).
This new gadget should be launched during this year. I’ll keep an eye out to inform you about future pricing and availability on these Intel Smart Earbuds.
More details on them : Details on Intel Smart Earbuds
Price: N/A

0g Soccer Trainer

The 0g Soccer Trainer is a highly durable athletic training device that develops the eye, foot and motor skills necessary in soccer ball control. it’s ideal for training gross motor skills in a fun and challenging way by slowing the ball’s vertical drop. Easily adjusts to all skill levels. Size 4 ball included.
Price: $129.99.
Order on Amazon : 0g Soccer Trainer