Bluesmart Smart Luggage

High quality and affordable with many great features of which you control from your smart phone. Features include an inbuilt scale, phone charger (charge your phone up to 6 times). Track location, lock and unlock with your phone. It will notify you if someone tries to open or if you have accidently left it behind. Built with quality and style in mind Bluesmart Smart Luggage offers a protected frontal pocket to protect your computer and devices alike.
In addition to this innovation the technology can provide you with trip data and help to become your personal assistant.
The Bluesmart smart luggage holds a Travel Sentry® Approved Lock which is accepted by the TSA. But wait, there’s more! You can have your bag personally engraved with your name.
Bluesmart realised there was a hole in the market and have identified there have been no advanced luggage innovations on the market for a long time. We need to move with the times. This company have been crowd funding and have an innovative team behind them. They have blown their crowd funding goal out of the water! Great forward thinking and it looks like they are a company with further innovations in the horizon. A company to watch.
Take a look at their amusing yet informative video!
This luggage is more than a suitcase, it’s your new personal travel assistant. Finish the time where you were losing your suitcase…
Price: Bluesmart are currently offering pre-release pricing between $195-$295 US for this Bluesmart Smart Luggage – After pre-release pricing is much more expensive so take a look if it is something you may want to purchase.
You can order and view more information here.
Bluesmart Smart Luggage

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