Cookeo Connect

The first pressure cooker connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.
The Cookeo Connect is made by Moulinex which is a French manufacturer which is a well-known brand of which has many Multicookers currently available on the market. They are moving with the times and developed the cooker further to integrate connected features such as being connected with 100’s of smart recipes that inform you how to prepare and cook as well as assisting you with your shopping list via an incorporated App. This product has been around in the media for a while but now has set a release date in December 2014.
Simplistic to use, simply select your recipe and your ‘robot’ kitchen mate will tell you exactly what to do step by step. Childs play. Great for those who aren’t the best inventors in the Kitchen.

Interestingly the Cookeo Connect range is from 2012 and has a strong user community formed on the Internet. A great alternative/organic marketing reach. It seems to be a much loved page with plenty of interaction. Cookeo Facebook page

Price : 330 euros for this connected version. You still can find old models from 249 euros to 269 euros for the USB version (including 75 recipes per USB device).
Official Website Moulinex
As it is a French product, I can send it over to you if you’re interested. Just contact me through my email:

Hendo Hoverboard

Move over George Jetson!… The Hendo Hoverboard has arrived. Who knows where the technology can go from here.
Media and the technology world are very excited about this revolution and it’s looking like demand is high. After successfully crowdfunding the Hendo Hoverboard has gained an incredible amount of support. The board is in its prototype stage at the moment.
Similar to what we have seen in the renowned movie ‘Back To The Furure’.
Hendo Hoverboard is a similar concept of which uses magnetic levitation. This product is conceivably in need of refining which I’m sure will come in the future. For example, the battery is limited to just seven minutes of use per charge. Also due to the technology being magnetic means it only works on a metal surface. It is expected that future models should offer a better battery and a sleeker snowboard-inspired design. The company also has plans for a hoverpark, which basically means a futuristic skatepark with metal floors. Apparently the sensation of ‘hovering’ is like no other. Floating and gliding on air, something you just have to try.
Hendo are currently offering a prototype to the public with the “Hover’ technology in the form of a simple white box. This will enable additional experimentation of which will empower further development. Very exciting.
As at 22nd October, Hendo quotes on their Social Media Page ‘More than 125 news stories have been written about the Hendo Hover since we launched yesterday’ Now being a week since launch it is certainly creating a stir. Keep an eye out for the technology to come.
Price : preplanned pricetag of around $10,000.00 US.
Hendo Hoverboard Official Website

Google Fit

Google has released a few days ago its new app called Google Fit which help you track your physical activity and keep a look on your fitness.
Google Fit is a single set of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Lots of important companies on the fitness market have already join it like Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar.
Like Apple’s HealthKit and Samsung’s S Health before it, Google Fit aims to help you lead a healthier life by keeping track of your activity and other health metrics.
There’s a Web version of Google Fit, which missing on Apple’s iPhone-only system. That means you can record fitness data on your Android smartphone or smartwatch, and then review it on a desktop or tablet—a scenario Apple doesn’t currently allow.
The application was launched to the public on October 28, 2014, and is available to all Android users running 4.0 or above. It does sync with Android Wear devices, which are much more reliable when it comes to tracking users activity.
The app pulls data from your smartwatch to populate its own graphs and give you a better idea of how much exercise you’ve had today. For now, Google Fit only tracks running, walking, and bicycling as activities, but it can monitor your heart rate from your Android Wear watch.
Much more functionalities to come around health and exercise make the app really promising.
Click here to download : Download Google Fit