Dakri Smart Helmet

This helmet is entering the augmented reality market! The Daqri Smart Helmet wants to make life easier for onsite engineers, construction workers, and technicians providing an Android hard hat with an array of sensors. The Daqri Smart Helmet allows workers to follow work instructions and augment data or information right on top of the actual work environment.
Its 4D interface enables workers to see content and touch/control the interface through integration with third party devices, such as a smartwatch. The device features an industrial-grade inertial measurement unit, a high resolution 3D depth camera, and 360° navigation cameras. It also supports HD video recording, mapping, and alpha numeric capture, which means the Smart Helmet will be able to read and understand instrument data.
Augmenting security, efficiency and much more with this new awesome tool for onsite builders and engineers…
Price : N/A yet
More details here: Informations on Dakri Smart Helmet

Electric Bike Matra E Bike

Electric Bike Matra E Bike
Here it is, the mountain bike for lazys!! This electric mountain bike is comfortable and its autonomy goes around 110kms depending the biker’s weight and the assistance given.
Its aluminium frame, hydraulic brakes and its 4 assistance modes, this bike will help you get around and enjoy the nature even if you’re not very fit.
Exists in 24 and 26 inches, grey or blue.
Price is : US$ 2830.
More details here : Details on the Electric Bike Matra E Bike
Find a list of resellers here : Resellers location

Sun Protector Bracelet June

This new bracelet measures your exposure to sun during the day and it communicates with your Iphone.
You will then receive real-time advice on how to protect yourself.
June suggests the most appropriate sun cream for your skin, taking into account the current UV levels. It reminds you when to put your hat and sunglasses on, and when to move into the shade…
You will know exactly when and how to protect yourself to prevent sunburn and premature aging of your skin.
The Sun Protector Bracelet June has a beautiful design which looks like a diamond and reflects sun’s rays.
June is available in 3 colors: platinum, gold and gunmetal.
You can also choose to wear it on leather or on premium silicon wrapband.
Only compatible with IOS for now.
Price : US$99 (free delivery)
Order it here : Sun Protector Bracelet June Platinum
Sun Protector Bracelet June Gold
Sun Protector Bracelet June Gunmetal

Beach Speaker Fugoo Touch

This Bluetooth speaker is an incredible speaker you can carry everywhere with you. Made of aluminium and fiberglass resin, it resists to bumps, sand and water! It’s offering a very powerful sound (95 dB) despite its little size and this beach speaker Fugoo Touch got a 4 hours autonomy.
The perfect wireless speaker for the beach and in extreme conditions to keep the party alive!!
Price : US$229.99 with free delivery.
Order it on my Amazon store here: Beach Speaker Fugoo Touch

World Smallest Wireless Earbuds Earin

Two earbuds that together work as one Bluetooth headphone, no cables at all and delivering a high quality sound. This stuff is for music lovers only, it doesn’t have a microphone. Packed with the latest Bluetooth and battery technology, the amazing world smallest wireless earbuds Earin are coming into a compact capsule for storing them and it will easily fit in your pocket.
To create more flexibility when you’re on the go and to increase the playback time, the capsule also functions as a charger. Just place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged automatically.

Price : 159 pounds (at the moment, you can still have them for 119) + 10 pounds delivery outside of UK.
Order them on their kickstarter page here: World Smallest Wireless Earbuds Earin

Gaspard connected bouton anti assault

This anti-attack system sends the position of his owner in case of danger.

Gaspard is a colored small box (red, blue, orange, pink, yellow, green, black or white) that can be attached anywhere. With the Low Energy Bluetooth technology connected to a phone, press it and it will send an alert to your relatives, or strangers nearby that belong to the community. Two pressures trigger a shrill sound to destabilize the aggressor. The geographical coordinates of the phone are sent as well as the fastest way to get there.

A dedicated app is available on iOS and Android and send push notifications in case of alert, and display the map to access more quickly to the person in danger. For less equipped, an SMS will be sent with all the information. To encourage people to come and rescue, a reward system will thank the heros for their courage (mugs, t-shirts …).

Price: US$26 + postage (US$8 to 10).

Pre-order it now on their website : Gaspard connected bouton anti assault

Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer

This is a cute and fun photo printer for smartphones which uses the sublimation technology.
With silver printing, custom stickers, UV resistance and fingerprints as well as economic consumables,
Pringo allows you to keep the best moments of your life.
Unlike other brands, Pringo is compatible with both Apple & Android systems, which allows all smartphones to connect Pringo. The application also features basic photo editing, effects, and borders for enhancing your images before sending them to print.
Each print features a resolution of 290 dpi and is created in approximately 65 seconds. This is all possible due to the power from a rechargeable 550mAh lithium-polymer battery.
The Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer also includes a battery charger, a 10-pack of paper, and a dye ribbon ready for printing.
Price : US$149.
Order on Amazon now in white here : Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer White
Or pink here : Pringo Wifi Portable Photo Printer Pink