Glass Pool Table G1

More stylish than connected, this Glass Pool Table G1 from Elite innovations is manufactured in Australia and will fit perfectly a high tech modern and contemporary house! Made of a transparent playing area with a glass top and patented resin playing surface which gives resistance to the balls, just like cloth does. The surface creates a stunning ‘floating on air’ effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly. The ball return mechanism is also well integrated to the table and very much stylish.
The Glass Pool Table G1 seems to be a high quality glass and general materials but I heard that it’s absolutely necessary to order a set of special balls otherwise you will have scratch all over the glass!!
Pool are produced in around 16 weeks and shipping overseas is generally a week long.
Price: a few websites are talking somewhere between US$25000 and US$30000 but on their own website they are displaying a range from US$42000 to US$550000.
Here’s the link to get a quote and order from their website: Glass Pool Table G1

Electronic lock Master Lock e-One

The electronic lock Master Lock e-One is the first which doesn’t need keys or numbers to remember?
E-One is also the first combination lock, easy to use and design which open by movements (up, down, left, right)! This unique exclusive technology, offers faster and easier ways to lock it as well as it’s safer. The custom combination has from 4 to 12 positions (1 position = 1 directional movement or 1 number or 1 letter).
He is made of zinc, and the handle is in boron alloy ultra-resistant and an electronic lock system which received the Grand Prix of innovation 2013 of LSA trophies.
E-One is ideal to lock compartment, back bags, sport bags… You can also set up 3 “invited” combinations to share the lock utility. This product is manufactured by the number 1 in locks!
Price: 34.90 euros.
Here’s a list of resellers to buy it from : Electronic Lock Master Lock e-One

AirDog Auto follow drone

The catch of the day! Check this out! It’s pretty awesome 😉
AirDog company have just fund-raised 1.3 millions dollars as they were targeting 200 000!! And they created the AirDog auto follow Drone capable to follow you everywhere and video you with your Go Pro in many situations.
AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts.
How it works? It autonomously follows you by tracking your position via receiving signal from AirLeash. The AirLeash is a small waterproof computerized tracker with clever software and sensors inside. It sends signals to the AirDog via Bluetooth (up to 300m), indicating exact movement trajectory. It will have multiple attachment opportunities (helmet, snow-googles, wrist, bike handle-bar, etc).
AirDog is Fully autonomous from take-off to landing. No remote control skills required. It also have a gyroscope and clever stabilized gimbal that will always point camera towards you and eliminate shaky footage.
The AirDog Auto follow drone got 6 preset modes with different views and angles for professional recording as you got your personal camera man!! The associated application (Android & IOS compatible) does allow users to set the distance, height and angle of the flying camera. Users can also use the app to create custom flight paths.
Price: US$1295 pre-order. Otherwise: US$1495.
Pre-order it here : AirDog Auto follow drone

Sens Floor

Sens Floor  Sens Floor
The 32 sensors and 4 radio modules per scare meters of this underlay off 2mm thick made the Sens Floor, the universal sensitive mat. The deep data analysis can recognize if a person is standing or lying, or if she’s moving. Moreover, to improve security functions reliability, this sensitive floor process static estimations and can test himself.
When the sensors detect someone, they turn on a light, open a door, alert from intrusion. Installed in hospitals’ bedrooms, they will inform nurses by an alarm that a patient as left his bed or his room so as they can step in in case of falling or roving.
Furthermore, associated with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifier) in access control installations, the Sens Floor offer also the ability to count people (or visitors).
The Sens Floor can be installed under lots of differents fabrics including carpets…
Price: on demand on their website.
Check this out here : Sens Floor

Luminous carpet

Philips has invented the luminous carpet incrusted with LEDs. They signed a partnership with Desso to produce this awesome carpet which can display messages, information or directions… A nice way to communicate and orientate people in big spaces as airports, hotels, hospitals, cinemas… It can indicates a path to follow to other rooms or to security exit, change atmosphere with light and colours or display information when it’s useful! Also guide you to your seat in a plane or to exit as well! Maybe one day in our homes for deco or entertainment!
Price: on demand on their website.
More informations around it here : Luminous Carpet

Remote Controlled Pool Lights

Remote Controlled Pool Lights  Remote Controlled Pool Lights
The Hammacher company brings to life these very cool remote controlled pool lights! No more need to play with electricity around the pool, these pool lights are functioning with 3 AA batteries and provide 60-80 hours of light! Perfect if your pool hasn’t got any wires… Or if you want to replace them by wireless lights and control them from your small remote! A first click on the remote activates 5 LEDs, producing a nice glow; a second click lights all 13 long-lasting white LEDs, providing a strong lighting for a safe night swim. Easy to install in pools with steel walls or vinyl up to 2/100” thick, these waterproof lights can be positioned anywhere on a pool’s wall and fixed with strong magnets. The lights can also float on the water’s surface or can be affixed to any flat ferrous metal surface.
Sell as a set of 2 lights of 5 3/8″ of diameter.
Price: US$49.95.
Order it now from their website : Remote Controlled Pool Lights

Samsung LED Mirror TV

The company Hidden Televisions propose Samsung LED Mirror TV with different sizes and frames to transform your TV in a mirror when it’s not on! Your TV is then becoming a real peace of functional art in your room! The frames are really thin with a depth of only 2″ and they are available in a huge variety to suit perfectly your house style. They are hand crafted and manufactured with high quality mirror. TV are available on both high quality 2D or 3D! A definitively good way to hide your TV in your decor…
Installation is easy and similar to any flat screen TV. Sizes from 35 to 76″.
Price: from US$4299 till US$12999.
Choose your size and frame and order it right now here: Samsung LED Mirror TV

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing MachineBike Washing Machine
Presenting here a new concept from Yanko Design : the Bike Washing Machine! A bike-powered washing machine! It’s not a new idea but this one goes a bit further and the design is looking great. A battery collects the power you produced during your workout and apparently 20 min biking will be enough for a cold cycle. Another good idea to save power but will it meet the success expected? How the water will be distributed and evacuated. No information on this. Looks really fun though. Wait and see what’s happen in the near future!
Price: N/A yet.

Helmet Skully AR1

The helmet of the future!! This helmet is a revolution and one of the top 10 invention of 2014!! It connects your smartphone via Bluetooth, got a rear HD camera wide angle who shows you what’s happening behind you on a little screen on your visor. It’s kind of the same technology than the Google Glass… You will also receive on your visor GPS indications, your speed. The helmet is also compatible with all the voice recognition technology as Siri, Google Now, Cortana to control your smartphone so as you can listen to your music or take calls while driving! Another awesome tool is that you can change your visor’s tint… How secure and comfortable this is! All these technologies means naturally a high price : you can pre-order the Helmet Skully AR1 for US$1399. Delivery to be made in May 2015.
This invention has been fundraised in 24 hours on Indiegogo… Definitively the good catch!
Price: start at US$1399.
Pre-order it now here : Skully website

Mimo Baby Monitor

For all new mums in this world who are stressed and worried of their baby’s well being! These organic cotton kimonos are fitted with non contact sensors to monitor your baby’s respiration, skin temperature, position and activity level… The little turtle is actually a full computer manufactured by Intel which is responsible of the monitoring. You can easily unplug it and wash the kimono which is totally washing machine resistant. All the data recorded are sent to the base via safe Bluetooth low energy and results and informations are shown on your mobile app. The base, also called Lilypad, connect the turtle to your Wifi’s network and got a microphone which give you the ability to stream your baby’s sounds in real time on your smartphone! You can also set alarms to get notified of a change in your baby’s situation. Another feature permit to follow analytics of your baby’s sleeps over time. What a great tool to help mum and dad having a better understanding of their infant and react appropriately to any changes in their well being. Good as well for Mommy Brain 😉 This kimonos are sold through Baby’R’Us but also available to order through the link below. App is available on both Android and IOS.
Price : US$199 + delivery for a starter kit of 3 kimonos, one turtle and a base Lylipad. Mobile app is included. Sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months.
Order on Amazon : Mimo Baby Monitor