Motorola Moto 360 Watch

This is what Google prepares for our new future! Have a look, seems pretty cool! A watch which can do everything…
This Motorola Moto 360 Watch will run the Google’s Android Wear OS compatible with all Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices. The watch will use the bluetooth 4.0 technology and being able to charge wirelessly with magnetic induction. It will also include an ambient light sensor which its 2 main concurrents LG and Samsung haven’t got!
The Motorola Moto 360 Watch was due in June 2014. But after the Google I/O conference, the release date has been delayed later in the summer.
Price : estimated around US$250.
Check out the last updates here: Motorola Moto 360 Watch

HapiFork Bluetooth Smart Fork

HapiFork Bluetooth Smart Fork is a new electronic fork which monitor and track your eating habits. It helps you slow down when you’re eating too fast by flashing lights and vibrating gently. It’s proven that eating too fast leads to poor digestion and poor weight control as well as increasing gastric reflux. The HapiFork also measures :

* How long it took to eat your meal.
* The amount of “fork servings” taken per minute.
* Intervals between “fork servings”.

These informations are then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to your Online Dashboard on to track your progress. The HapiFork is sold with the aps plus a coaching program to help improve your eating behaviour. The battery on HapiFork generally last 5 days before you need to charge it again.
Price : US$99.99 with free delivery.
Order on Amazon : HapiFork Bluetooth Smart Fork

Intel Smart Headset

Intel Smart Headset

Intel has shown this new smart headset at CES 2014. This new gadget is doted of a better voice recognition than the well-known Siri or Google Now and then can process complex voice requests offline! Intel is also looking at selling their voice recognition module to the smartphones manufacters so your headset will be the only smart gadget you need…
This Intel Smart Headset should be on sale this year, I’ll keep an eye out for new informations.
Price : N/A

Intel Smart Earbuds

Intel smart earbuds Intel smart earbuds
Recently at Intel CES 2014, Intel has announced new smart ear buds containing sensors which monitor your heart rate! Associated to a companion app, you can set a target heart rate for your workouts, and automatically select appropriate music tracks (fast, slow…).
This new gadget should be launched during this year. I’ll keep an eye out to inform you about future pricing and availability on these Intel Smart Earbuds.
More details on them : Details on Intel Smart Earbuds
Price: N/A

Pool Solar Panel

pool solar panel
By day, these floating mats draw heat into your pool or spa to warm the water. At night, they act as an insulator. Great for odd-shaped pools. For best results, cover 70-80% of the pool. Heavy-duty, UV-resistant vinyl. Spring frames easily twist and fold. What a cool pool solar panel!!
Price: US$26 (free delivery over 2 products ordered)
Order on Amazon : Therma Spring Solar Mats

Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot Grillbot

Clean your grill with just the push of a button. An easy-to-use, fun to watch, fully automated grill cleaner. With 3 high powered electric motors and a smart computer brain that controls the movement, speed and direction of the brushes. Set the built-in alarm and timer. Grillbot will notify you when finished. Replaceable wire brushes pop right off for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. Rechargeable battery with AC adapter. Available in 4 colors.
Price: US$119.95.
Order on Amazon : Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot Grillbot

Google smartphone concept ARA

Here’s the last video showing this phone functioning at the Google I/O 2014 conference!!
Google smartphone concept ARA is a module based smartphone where you can add and customize your phone with different processor, memory, wifi, battery… You can now build your own phone with the options you need and the structure is meant to last for at least 5 years!! Evolution is scheduled for January 2015 with this ne Google smartphone concept ARA…

EZ Bed Inflatable

Treat your guests to the comfort of a real bed that inflates in less than 3 minutes. Just unzip the case, plug in, turn to “inflate”, and the powdercoated steel frame “crawls out” automatically as the mattress inflates. EZ Bed keeps your guests a comfortable 24″ above the floor. In the morning, switch to “Deflate” and as the puncture-resistant PVC mattress collapses, gently ease it back into its sturdy, compact, wheeled storage case and stow it in the closet. Case features a carrying handle and smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport.
Price: Twin for US$199 and Queen for US$229.
Order on Amazon : EZ Bed Inflatable Twin
Order on Amazon : EZ Bed Inflatable Queen

0g Soccer Trainer

The 0g Soccer Trainer is a highly durable athletic training device that develops the eye, foot and motor skills necessary in soccer ball control. it’s ideal for training gross motor skills in a fun and challenging way by slowing the ball’s vertical drop. Easily adjusts to all skill levels. Size 4 ball included.
Price: $129.99.
Order on Amazon : 0g Soccer Trainer

Google Chromecast

Here an awesome gadget I wanted to start my page with! This is the new Google Chromecast who let you connect any of your devices (Android, Iphone, Windows phone, Chrome OS, Mac …) to any TV equiped with an HDMI port! It’s using your WIFI network to stream movies, online channels, photos… on your TV and all of this with remote control from your device!!
Price : US$29.35 +$4.99 delivery or US$35 with free delivery.
Order on Amazon : Google Chromecast
And early July, they add some new awesome features as the screen mirroring, check out this article for more infos:
More infos on Chromecast