Google Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio : The music you want when you want it launched from your phone!

After already many years enjoying the Google Chromecast, I discovered the Chromecast Audio. And now, on top of casting videos on my TV, I can cast my music, radio or podcasts on my sound system easily for just a few dollars.
Chromecast Audio is a small device with a vinyl record look that plugs into your speaker through Jack, RCA or Optical cable and stream music through WiFi.
The puck has just two ports and is delivered with a cable to plug into each. The first is a hybrid 3.5mm/optical port and it’s coming with a 5-inch yellow 3.5mm analog cable. The other port is a Micro-USB power port, and a compatible cable and power adapter are furnished. You can also plug the USB straight to your system.
Once set up, simply use your device to cat your music with the touch of a button. It’s compatible with IOS or Android, Mac and Windows.
Search, play, pause, queue songs and change the volume right from your phone to anywhere in the house.
The Chromecast Audio is the best way to enable multiroom music in your house. It will give you the highest quality sound, play it without disruption, even if you get a phone call or a notification and control the music from anywhere within your WiFi network. All of these without consuming extra phone battery!!
Here’s the apps compatible with the Chromecast Audio:
Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Google Play Music, DS Audio (which streams home music collections from Synology servers), NPR One, Rocket Player, TuneIn, Deezer, Plex, Rhapsody and many more… Apple Music and Amazon Music ar not currently supported by Chromecast Audio. However, there is a workaround for these ones: the Chrome browser (on Windows and Mac machines) and the Chromecast app on Android.

More info from their website:

Price : $35.

Chromecast audio


Hexo+ : The french self controlled drone who will stick like a leech!

Go the frenchies ! Squadrone Systems, a company from Grenoble has created a drone which will change the domain of these flying devices, as well as the on-board camera market. Name of the device : Hexo+.
If you are a thrill seeker wanting to record all your sport achievements and fun times, you are certainly used to have an on-board camera placed on your helmet, your bike’s handlebar or even your skateboard. Well now, with the Hexo+ drone, your life will suddenly become easier.
Thanks to this little french drone, you won’t worry anymore about the position of your camera or about the shooting and filming technics as this device is self controlled and will follow you everywhere by itself!
Made up of six helices and capable to fly up to 70Km/h for about 15 minutes, it also contains a GoPro camera and don’t require any pilot to take off and fly around; to enjoy this amazing feature, you will have to jump on its dedicated application available on both Android and IOS and set up the distance from where you want the Hexo+ drone to film you as well as the angle given on the Go Pro to shoot you from the best perspective. The device will then keep track and follow your smartphone everywhere thanks to its embedded GPS tracker so make sure that you will naturally keep your cellphone in your pockets, hands or anywhere else on your body.
This revolution has already convinced and captivated thousands of people on the internet! In fact, the Hexo+ has been introduced to the world through a Kickstarter campain and has collected over 50 000$ in no more than 37 minutes and finished with nothing less than 1,3 million dollars to help launching and manufacturing it.
More info from their website:

Price for this Hexo+ self controlled drone: $1349.

hexo +

Google Chromecast 2

With Google Chromecast 2, love it BIG!

Yesterday, Google has released a new version of the Chromecast! This Google Chromecast 2 displays some new features and compatibilities as well as being easier to plug on the back of your TV.
By redesigning it round and easily pluggable thanks to his new HDMI connector based on a flexible built-in cable, the new Chromecast is now coming out in black, red or yellow.
It has seen its WiFi upgraded from a single-band 2.4GHz 802.11n solution to a dual-band 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac, improving by this way the overall bandwidth to the Chromecast. Google also shows during their presentation that the Google Chromecast 2 uses multiple antennas to improve reception.
The Chromecast app is your one-stop shop for exploring what you can do on Chromecast. Easily browse featured content across your apps and search for where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Plus, it’s your central place for finding the latest on new apps, offers, and new features added to your Chromecast.
The chromecast app is available on all platforms: iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop, and Chromebook. Nobody is left behind 😉
When you’re not casting, you can use your TV as a beautiful picture frame that you can customize with Google Photos (recently updated too) as well as Facebook content, Flick, news, weather and so on…
You can also mirror your android’s screen to TV and duplicate your Chrome browser content on bigger screen!
For the fun, turn your TV screen into a game board, racetrack, dance floor or trivia quiz. With Google Chromecast 2, everyone can play games using their phone as their personal controller, while watching the action live on the big screen, awesome aye?!
This Google Chromecast 2 will be available in 17 countries on the 30th of September for $35.
Here is the link to their website for more information:
google chromecast 2

4Moms Origami Pushchair

Hey girls! Check out this incredible self-folding pushchair!! All what you always wanted to make your mum’s life easier…
This pushchair opens and closes with only a push on a button, awesome, aye??!! Making it passed from these open dimensions 41″L x 28″W x 39″H to the closed ones 38″L x 14″W x 21″H making it nearly twice smaller in width and height. This powered self-folding pushchair is also very safe due to their embedded system which refuse to fold the product if the seat is not empty! Just to make sure that baby won’t be reduced into a dolly 😉
The company have been clever enough to add some luggage wheels so as not only the stroller gets much reduced in size but it also can be pulled like a perfect luggage. All these advantages make it so much more easier to store and transport your stroller.
Generators are situated on the rear wheels to charge your trolley and eventually plugged in your smartphone for a power boost while you’re walking baby. Handy as! A full charge of the trolley will last a good 2 weeks. You can also plug it to the wall for faster and stronger charge.
This stroller is displaying 2 daytime running lights to make sure the pushchair and baby are well saw by everybody. It also includes path lights underneath which turn on automatically on low-light conditions.
The LCD screen indicates you the temperature, the length of your trip, your speed and the number of steps you made. Ideal to keep you fit and bounce back faster on your normal weight helping you stay focused.
The 4Moms Origami Pushchair can count as well on numerous storage including cup holders for parents and kid, some pockets and a big removable bag, perfect to carry all the necessities and the few groceries bought on the way…
For a better look and to suit your taste, 5 different colours are available for the mattress, just to be a bit more fancy and get attention from all the people around 😉
It goes for babies up to 18 kgs.
Price : 850US$ + free delivery around US.
More information on their website :

GadgetsHighTech is getting in touch with this company to see if we can help you received it outside of US by becoming a reseller. We will let you know if we can get it to your door anytime soon 😉


Brookstone Perfect Drink

The Brookstone Perfect drink App-controlled Smart Bartending!

Such a long time since my last gadget display! So it’s about time to get ready for your summer cocktail parties with this incredible smart bartending!
What a cool gadget to get the perfect cocktail! The extremely reliable and reactive scale is directly connected to your phone/tablet. A free app is controlling and displaying the recipe as well as showing you a virtual glass being filled up in real time. Thanks to this very accurate scale, you won’t over pour and get the perfect mix of each ingredient. And even if you over pour, the scale will re-calculate the new measures to still get this perfect drink! Isn’t it brilliant 😉
This gadget is now compatible with both IOS5.1+ and Android 4.1+ phones/tablets and the app is free on both store.
You’ve got access to hundreds of recipes and the app also suggests what cocktail you can get according to the ingredients you’ve got!! You can even create your own recipes as well as saving variations of well known ones! More cocktails are added constantly to the app.
All you have to do then is choose your recipe and follow real-time pouring instructions. Along the way, you’ll watch a virtual glass fills on your device. That way, you know exactly how much to pour and when to stop for perfect drinks, every time.
The scale allows you to use any glass, the included shaker or even a party pitcher. Just place the recipient on the scale and it automatically sets itself to zero so you’re ready to pour.
The box includes a smart scale, a 750ml stainless steel shaker, a 3.5mm cable and a device stand.
The Brookstone Perfect Drink App-controlled Smart Bartending will turn bartending beginners into master mixologists!

Price : $69.99 in US with free delivery.

This gadget was only available in US but is in the process of importing them for you in Europe and Australia/New Zealand!
If you’re interested in the product, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote at and I’ll provide you a total price including shipping and taxes.


Ecool Underground Cans Cooler

Who hasn’t dream of a cool beer/beverage in summer??!!

The Ecool Underground Cans Cooler refrigerates your beer/soda cans without the need of electricity. It’s a compact, crank-operated cellar that keeps beer underground and makes it easily accessible. It can contain up to 24 cans and stay installed in your garden all year round. The product creators advise to use a garden drill, but it can also be installed with a shovel if you feel like a workout!
The entire column is approximately 4 feet tall (1.2 meters), 22-30 cm in diameter and 12 kg in weight.
The earth cooler’s top is very well insulated and maintains nearly the same temperature throughout the whole container and is frost free in winter.
The top pops up and a hand-crank moves the cans up so you can grab a cold one or lower some fresh cans down into the ground.
Getting this awesome gadget give you the opportunity to do something great for yourself and the environment. It’s easy to install in the garden or terrace, and uses no electricity. With the eCool, you can always drink a cold beer with good conscience. You’ll officially help protecting earth! The perfect gift a man could wish!!
The Ecool Underground Cans Cooler was invented and developed by 4 guys from a small island in northern Denmark. The parts are likewise produced and assembled there by hand. All coolers are quality checked before distribution.
This solution sounds pretty handy for cabins or places without electric service and people who are concerned about power outages (Oh no! Warm beer!).
What an incredible and mind-blowing gadget to show off and impress your guests during your summer parties!!
Price: US$ 369 (KR 1995 in Danemark).
So far, it looks like the company is only delivering in Europe (to give you an idea of the shipping cost: shipping to France is around KR.250 (US$ 29) and will be delivered in no more than 7 days.
Check out their beautiful website for further information on the Ecool Underground Cans Cooler and order details : Ecool Underground Cans Cooler website